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Rail freight is another way of international freight transportation. Despite the many benefits, today it is not very popular with customers. Consideration and utilization of ground transportation and air transportation.

Meanwhile, rail transport has not had an effective role in the international shipping industry or transit of goods in recent years. And land transport as head of international shipping and transit is also at the top of the table.

In the coming years, the country’s transportation industry may realize the importance of rail transport, one of the benefits of which is low risk-taking, and will strive for excellence in the rail transport industry.

Rail transport itself can continue to operate as one of the most important economic hubs in the transportation industry, which requires more attention from officials.

Aria Tarabar Asia International Freight Forwarding Service is pleased to announce that it is ready for rail transport.


Benefits of Rail Transport

1) The great advantage of this method is its cheapness. Even in some cases it is cheaper than shipping.

2) It is suitable for long distances and can carry cheap materials with high volume. This method is usually better for transporting coal and chemicals.

3) It is also very safe from the point of view of the weather and the weather conditions are not very effective.


1) Rail transport is usually not available everywhere and in many countries this system is weak.

2) The variety of vehicles as well as goods is low in this way.

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