Carry your goods Experience with International Transport Arya Tarabar Asia

 International Transport Arya Tarabar Asia is one of the pioneers in the international freight and freight forwarding provider of transshipment services.

 International Transport Arya Tarabar Asia will deliver your goods by sea with experienced and experienced personnel in as little time as possible and at a low cost.  International Transport Arya Tarabar Asia’s offer to transport your goods by sea in both LCL and FCL ways. Experience sea transportation with us at  International Transport Arya Tarabar Asia Complex.


The benefits of using our shipping service are as follows:

– Reliable service with competitive rates

– High standard in global service

– Special and constant transit time containing all conditions in the transport chain

– Exceptional price / performance ratio

– High degree of flexibility


Our services also meet the following requirements:

Integration Services

Pickup and transportation by truck


Follow up and care


Customs clearance

delivery at your location

Transportation of high-risk cargo

Export / Import LCL / FCL

Compilation of export documents

Insurance & Documentation

Customs clearance in export and import

Multi-state transport


Benefits of shipping by ship:

1) Shipping is cheaper than other methods, so owners and businesses prefer to ship their goods in free water. It can be said that most of the volume of trade and transportation is by sea and open water.

2) Another advantage of this method is the constant rental rate. Because the fare is set by the major shipping companies and it is almost a fixed rate that everyone is bound to observe.

Of course, free shipping is agreed upon with the owner and the carrier

3) Another advantage is to carry high volume goods. Through the high seas, relatively heavy cargoes of up to 200 to 500,000 tons can easily be transported from one port to another.

4) Another advantage of this method is that the reliability and safety of transport through open waters is high. Because those who carry the goods have to comply with international standards and laws.

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