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Air freight is the transportation of goods by air carrier, which may be chartered or commercial. Such cargoes are transported from the passenger and commercial freight gates wherever the aircraft is capable of flying and landing. For the first time in the year, air transport has been used to transport postal services as freight.

international transport Arya tarabar asiaalso offers this method of transportation to meet the needs of its customers and facilitate the transit of goods. The staff at international transport Arya tarabar asia Shipping assure you that your cargo will be shipped to other countries by air as soon as possible. Knowing the rules of aviation plays a vital role. The services provided by international transport Arya tarabar asia Freight Forwarding are as follows:

• Create pallets
• Create a seal with a protective twist
• Provide internal label and bill of lading for shipping
• Export or import of air cargo
• Protection and transportation
• Door to door delivery
• Ability to transport dangerous cargoes
• Cargo insurance
• Half board and half board hire
Some of the benefits of air transportation
2) The most important pillar of transportation via hemapima is its speed, which is much faster than shipping.
If the damage caused by delayed delivery exceeds the cost savings by sea, this method is recommended, as well as the timely delivery of the goods in the air transport mode is guaranteed.
2) Aviation safety of goods and cargoes is also relatively high and less damaging to the goods.

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